4Decision is an Operating System for Financial Departments and Accounting Firms

4Decision helps Accounting Firms and Finance Departments in their daily operations and collaboration.

Task, workflows, documents are kept in order, ensures user friendly, clear and rapid communication, as well as increase of work effectives and cost reduction.

4Decision provides high standards and non-stop online access to all company financial data and documents.


It is an intuitive, user friendly, completely secure cloud based system. It supports everyday office tasks and processes associated with accounting services for clients.

4Decision helps users in their daily duties by automating activities, which result in a higher quality and effectiveness of work.


4Decision increases the performance of all professional task and workflows. It supports business management, control and monitor tasks and workflows at every stage.

4Decision is a free on-line service for issuing and managing sales invoices.


4Decision automates data and documents input, everyday tasks and workflows, makes possible to comprehensively organize financial department and accounting firm work. It promotes and enables better collaboration and communication, provides access to company financial documents and up-to-date reports.

4Decision functions

The main advantage of 4Decision is its support for everyday office processes associated with customer services. Use of 4Decision makes it possible to comprehensively organise accounts departments services. It furthers and facilitates communication, provides access to current documents and reports and guarantees security of stored data.

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