4Decision 4Decision helps Accounting Firms by automating activities, which result in a higher quality and effectiveness of work. Our users experience up to 55% reduction on time spent on serving their clients. At the same time the quality of service increase.



Data input (OCR and Data Extraction) module allows to automate data and document input, saving documents processing time.

Timesheets allows to track activities conducted for clients and you can effortlessly invoice them for standard and additional time spent on work and consultancy.

The Communication and Documents modules provide authorized access to all documents, messages and reports. It ends responding to the same questions posed by different client employees.



Task management and communication modules automate collaboration, everyday tasks and workflows, makes possible to comprehensively organize financial department and accounting firm work

Distribution of knowledge never been so simple. With one click you can inform your employees and clients about law changes, deadlines or new regulations.

You can easily implement motivation schemes for your employees. They will benefit for their productivity and commitment bringing more profit to your organization.

Employee management


4Decison makes it easy to implement new people in your organization, gives them access to historical client information – including all communications and documents – so they start working efficiently from day one,

The present employees work more efficiently and with a better understanding of the client’s environment and requirements.

In addition, if an employee leaves the organization, it will not affect the operations – you still have access to all the data.