4Decision is improving the performance and communication between internal departments and Finance Department or Accounting Firm.

Documents / Workflows


Many companies store corporate documents, contracts, reports, and instructions at various locations, such as employee computers, external drives, or e-mail correspondence, what often results in an organization mess and miscommunication. 4Decision is a secure system that provides online access to all types of documentation and information, which is needed by given employee.


Communication / Task


It is intuitive to use, it automates processes and monitors job as well as projects performance. The system supports internal and external business communications and helps meeting the deadlines of everyday tasks.

Profitability / Projects / Cash flows / Time Sheets


Both sales invoices and invoices can be attributed to profit centers and costs such as clients, projects or teams. You can easily track the time spent on a given project or customer and track key business indicators such as cash flow and profitability.


Invoicing / Notifications


4Decion allows to issue invoices for your clients and send them by e-mail with appropriate message. If necessary, you can send a payment reminder if your invoice is not paid in time.

4Decision supports daily business processes. Users have access to documents and information 24/7. It makes it possible to closely follow key business indicators such as cash flow and profitability.