4Decision automates data and documents input, everyday tasks and workflows, makes possible to comprehensively organize financial department and accounting firm work. It promotes and enables better collaboration and communication, provides access to company financial documents and up-to-date reports.


The possibility to issue invoices, create global and individual price lists, monitor sales invoice payments and initiation of debt collection proceedings in one place.


Client Data

Easy access to all contractor information, including contact details, contact history, contracts, transactions, custom prices to current billing situation.

Data Input

Automates data entry by accurately capturing all invoices, receipts and statements to 4Decision and accounting solution.



Store and search for all types of company documents related to business operations such as contracts, invoices, reports and other documents.


Organize timesheet management in the way that best suits your business needs, helping your employees get to know what they need to track and where.



Improve your company, groups, projects communication and collaboration. Makes it easier for everyone to have team or subject-specific information, as well as company wide information sharing and discussions. Easily share documents, files, photos and videos in organization in real time and get things done faster.


Manage individual and group activities easily by using Tasks. Time spent working on tasks, projects, and work for customers can all be easily reported.


Personalized e-mail and SMS notifications on the current status of issues, new messages and payment due dates guarantee you won’t miss anything important.



Profitability allows you to understand every aspect of your business (projects, customers, tasks) with respect to profits and costs. The ability to check what is happening at a high level and then quickly search for details helps undertaking right decisions.

Cash Flow

Shows inflows and outflows by business, project or category at any given time. The ability to accept and make payments according to assigned dates allows you to plan and estimate inflows and outflows.


4Decison supports Business Process Automation, helping organizations to assign as many tasks to a repetitive business process as possible to improve performance, reduce costs, and reduce the number of documents.